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Make Your Own Website - How to Make a Website Articles:

Make your own website, how to make a websiteHow do I Create a Website - Easy Step-by-Step Way to Make Your Own Real Web Site:
In fact designing a webpage is quite easy.
Its as simple as creating a word document in Microsoft Word -- I trust you have this program on your computer, add a few pictures and a few lines of text or writing or information that you want to include. You could use the 'Tables' feature in your word document to align the pictures and text on the document. And then save the document as a web page  - it will be saved as an html document - Hey Presto! Your web page is ready!

How to create a website, Make your own web siteFree Tools For Web site Design & Development
As an online marketer and webmaster, there are a number of tools that you will want in your virtual toolbox. To get you started, I have scoured the net to find some of the best programs to help webmasters improve their sites, their rankings, and their productivity.

How to Design Your Own Web Page For Free
Did you know you could design , create and host your own totally free web page using free online services like Google, Geocities, Blogger or others - this is good information for total newbies to play around with website creation. After you have done playing around with all those free website services, then you can get serious and come back to this page to really create your true online web site.

How to Make a Website
Think of an idea for your website, identify your market, do keyword research, register a domain name, get a web host and start creating and uploading your website - can't be explained simpler than that. If you still find all that creating website mumbo jumbo a bit too complicated simply, click on the video at the top of this page and go for the ride.

How do I get a Domain Name -- Selecting a Domain Name:

Planning a Website - What Makes a Good Web site ?

Website Development - Know What You Want First
Websites may be simply informational in nature or more complex with transactional e-commerce shopping functionality. They may even be designed to support Web 2.0 functionality such as BLOGs and message boards, which can develop a community environment.  But always remember, your website needs to serve the needs of the customers you're trying to attract and retain. Before committing to the feature set of your website development, make sure you can link every feature back to a customer need.

Website Design Principles and Best Practices
Planning your web site on paper first is vitally important. I donít mean planning every little detail, I just mean planning the look and feel of your homepage, as well as the navigation or flow chart of the various pages of your entire web site.

Why isn't Your Website Working Well?
Appealing information design: Having text content on a site is key, but your text has to be designed and laid out in such a way that it's understandable, easily readable, and compelling. Laying the information in quick bursts, such as bulleted lists, helps people to read your site quickly. And using headlines, subheads, and bold text to break up the copy can also keep visitors interested enough to read all of the text.

See Your Website Through Your Visitors eyes
Every time a visitor comes to your site, they take a particular path. Their eyes move in quick motion, hopping from one hotspot to the next. If you don't know how your visitors are traveling, your conversion rates will suffer dramatically. Fortunately, there is a company who has performed in-depth testing for you, revealing the common behaviors of people viewing web pages.

Avoid Making Your Website Design an Annoying One
The important thing is to remember that there is a major difference between catching someoneís attention and blinding them.  You must keep in mind that your website design is supposed to send your visitor a message about you and your topic, and not about how adept your programmer is at developing animated graphics.

Web hosting or Brain and Wallet Draining Vampire?

Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting
 A free Web host may or may not provide the required level of reliability. Therefore extreme caution must be taken when choosing a free Web host. What is the level of technical support? Are there any security and privacy concerns about your content - who owns the copyrights ... a case in point will be the current security concerns haunting Facebook users.

What to ask For at Your Web Hosting Service?
Percentage of Server uptime, connection speed, data transfer bandwidth, email features, tech support, database features, webdesign tools and features and a whole lot more.

  • Design and make your own web site (Microsoft Frontpage Tutorial With Screen Shots-coming soon... Bookmark this page!)

  • Common problems encountered in making your own website and how to overcome them

  • How to write your own website copy and content

  • Monetizing Your web site

  • Promoting Your Website

How to Optimize your Website for Search Engines Tips & Tricks

Following Search Engine Guidelines - Search Engine Placement Tips
Nearly all search engines publish their own guidelines regarding the submission of sites, the type of sites they will accept and recommendations for optimized content.

Building Inbound One way Links to Your web site:

Linking Strategies
Do you know how to get quality inbound links for your website. Do you know what the best webpage linking strategies are? Do you know where the high ranking do follow back links can be obtained... then read this article and Discover
the untapped methods of obtaining quality inbound links for your website.

Make Your Own Website - Read More Website Design, Development & How to Get Traffic to Your Website Articles:
























































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